leasing solutions
Sale & Leaseback
By selling the vessel to ICBC Leasing and then having it leased back, the lessee gains more liquidity than traditional mortgage loans and enjoys the cash returns of the operated equipment.
Operating Lease
By ordering and purchasing vessels according to lessees’ requirements, ICBC Leasing gives a better control over the debt-to-asset ratio and de-facto lowers risks.
Import Lease
Facilitate importer’s payments with de-facto ownership of the vessel. ICBC Leasing's de-jure ownership lowers the insurance agency's risk.
Cross-Border Lease
Lower the rent level by benefitting from preferential tax rates a country may offer. The lease structure is simplified giving you a more reliable right of use while avoiding import/export restrictions.
Combining the lessees’ advantages of the financial and operating lease, allows to share market opportunities, risks and returns equally.
Contract of Affreightment
When packaging a Contract Of Affreightment (COA) in accordance with lessee’s requirements, ICBC leasing acts as a shipyard marketer while significantly reducing Lessee’s fund outflow during ship building.
assets portfolio
ICBC Leasing has developed many innovative maritime leasing models to respond better to global market dynamics taking full advantage of our large and diverse assets portfolio.
Asset Management

Through constant exploration and innovation, ICBC Leasing has established a comprehensive asset management system appropriate for maritime leasing. Such a system consists of many aspects, including:

  • Market research and analysis for fleet portfolio and specific vessel types
  • Asset analysis for project credit committee
  • Asset management plans for variable assets and leasing structures during leasing period
  • Market risks monitoring and control for each subdivision market

Our asset management team has been involved in due diligence work and contract negotiation for many leasing projects, which provides strong support for the shipping leasing business. In addition, our self-developed electronic shipping asset management system allows us to effectively control and manage all the shipping and offshore assets, owned by ICBC Leasing.

In recent years, we have established solid working relationships with many large international shipping companies in UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Singapore; as well as leading Chinese state-owned shipping & energy companies, offshore operators, shipping enterprises, cargo owners and private ship operators.
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