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ICBC Leasing continued its strong growth trajectory during 2015-2016. Domestically, we firmly maintained our number one ranking across all business lines. In addition, our international operations are expanding vastly.

This is reflected in our efforts to retain a young fleet, catering to fast-changing client demands. ICBC Leasing sustained strong financial performance, securing excellent credit ratings.
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financial channels

Full financial and operational support from ICBC

  • Close cooperation with worldwide ICBC branches
  • China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) mandates ICBC Group to provide full financial and operational support to ICBC Leasing

Credit Lines

  • Large pool of credit lines
  • In 2015 the company’s USD 500 million onshore syndicate loans involved 17 banks

Capital Markets

  • Established a US$5 billion MTN program and drew down
  • US$1.5 billion bond in November 2015
  • US$1.3 billion bond in May 2016
  • US$1.4 billion bond in September, respectively
  • In 2016 successfully established US$2 billion commercial paper (CP) program
  • Increased the US$5 billion MTN program size to US$10 billion and drew down
  • US$2 billion bond in March 2017
  • US$950 million bond in November 2017

Diverse Bank Partnerships

Types of Partnerships include:

  • Credit Lines and Loans
  • Syndicated Loans
  • Project financing
  • Accounts receivable factoring and other structure financing
ICBC Leasing has established strong partnerships with over 40 leading international financial institutions, spanning the markets in Asia, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East. With a credit line of over $70 billion dollars we can raise adequate and timely financing. Our vast reach allows us to provide optimal and innovative financing solutions for our lessees.
the team

Xiao Jian

Managing Director
Head of Financial Market Department

Mr. Xiao Jian, Managing Director, joined ICBC Leasing in 2017 as the head of Financial Market Department.

Mr. Xiao’s career started with ICBC in 2003, successively served as the division head of ICBC Treasury Center (HK), the head of FX Money Market Division of Global Markets Department in ICBC Head Office.

Mr. Xiao holds an MBA from Peking University.

Leon Wang

Vice President
Deputy Head of Financial Market Department

Mr. Wang joined ICBC Leasing in 2013. His work relates to the company's financial and treasury planning.

Prior to joining ICBC Leasing, he worked in a global bank and big-4 accounting firms.

Mr. Wang holds an MBA in Finance from the National University of Singapore. 

Andy Xu

Vice President

Mr. Xu joined ICBC Leasing in 2009 serving as Vice President of Financial Market.

After joining the company, he successfully managed interbank borrowing operations, treasury services and leasing factoring.

Mr. Xu holds a Master's degree in Finance from Tongji University.

Liu Rui

Vice President

Mr. Liu joined ICBC Leasing as Senior Manager in 2014.

Prior to joining the company, he has been working in top Chinese corporate and financial institutions.

Mr. Liu holds a Master's Degree in Law from the Central University of Finance and Economics.

Li Ting

Vice President

Ms. Li joined ICBC Leasing in 2012 and started her career. Her work relates to financing management. 

Ms. Li holds a doctor’s degree in Economics from Central University of Finance and Economics. 

Jess Yang

Vice President

Ms. Yang joined ICBC Leasing in 2015. She is a member of the capital market/structured finance team.

Prior to joining the company, she worked in a global bank for many years. 

Ms. Yang holds a masters’ degree from the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.  

Yang Zitao


Ms. Yang started her career in ICBC Leasing in 2014. Her work relates to capital market financing and investor relationship management. She has assisted in several leading capital market financing programs after joining the company.

Ms. Yang holds a master’s degree in Economics from LSE.