leasing solutions
Tax Lease
Lower your rent rate by benefitting from the preferential Chinese tax rate. ICBC Leasing leases aircraft via a project company established in a free-trade zone.This leasing model allows the lessor to benefit from preferential tax policies, lowering the financing costs.
Export Lease
Working side by side with Chinese aircraft manufacturers, ICBC Leasing facilitates the export of domestically assembled large aircraft to the global market. ICBC Leasing has always followed the national development strategies, and consistently supported Chinese manufacturers and real economic development.
Joint Lease
ICBC Leasing cooperates with partner leasing companies for the purpose of offering our clients the benefit of leasing solutions that combine the advantages of different lessors.
After receiving aircrafts from ICBC, the lessee is able to sub-lease the aircrafts to ICBC-approved third parties. By applying a professionally designed lease structure, this service largely lowers the difficulty of direct financing for the sub-lessees.
Direct Purchase
ICBC Leasing increases its aircraft leasing offerings through direct bulk purchase from aircraft manufacturers.
PDP Financing
Alongside the sale and leaseback model, ICBC Leasing also provides pre-delivery payment (PDP) financing and full financial support for our customers.
fleet portfolio

We have delivered 325 commercial aircraft until the end of May 2018, including 152?Boeing, 154?Airbus, 15 Embraer, 4 Bombardier planes.

Find our portfolio of delivered commercial aircraft below.

  • 115B737
  • Status: 115 Owned    0 Managed
  • 12B787
  • Status: 12 Owned    0 Managed
  • 22B777
  • Status: 22 Owned    0 Managed
  • 3B747
  • Status: 3 Owned    0 Managed
  • 8A319
  • Status: 8 Owned    0 Managed
  • 97A320
  • Status: 97 Owned    0 Managed
  • 33A321
  • Status: 33 Owned    0 Managed
  • 16A330
  • Status: 16 Owned    0 Managed
  • 10E190
  • Status: 10 Owned    0 Managed
  • 5E195
  • Status: 5 Owned    0 Managed
  • 4CRJ900
  • Status: 4 Owned    0 Managed
Asset management

ICBC Leasing has established strong capabilities to go through the life-cycle management of aircraft assets, mainly covering:

  • Advanced portfolio buildup: keeping modern and younger fleet with high liquidity assets
  • Future aircraft order book development: working on appropriate strategy of order placement for the aviation industry, considering aircraft type, slot, price, condition etc.
  • Aircraft customization, BFE procurement, line fit or retrofit to satisfy each airline customer's operating requirements
  • Follow-up for all lease deals, execute all requirements during lease and aircraft return agreements
  • Asset management during lease, including ownership registration, insurance, valuation, annual audit, MR collection, and maintenance events monitoring
  • Aircraft redelivery
customers network

ICBC Leasing is proud to serve 48 of the most renown and reliable airlines in the world by upgrading and growing their fleet with the newest aircraft and technologies.

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